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Jobu Oven Mitt

SQ9642949 $58

Jobu products are made of traditional Japanese sailcloth, a tightly-woven fabric produced originally for sailboat sails in Kurashiki, Japan since the late Edo Period. It is said that the minuscule amount of air trapped between the threads by the shuttle creates a distinct texture that’s impossible to produce using today's automated looms.

The Jobu Oven Mitt uses two different weights of this durable material. The heavier fabric covering the fingers and the thumb is heat-resistant, while a lighter weight is used around the palm, embossed with diagonal stitches that follow the natural lines of the hand, providing a flexible and comfortable fit.

Designer: Drill Design
Maker: Jobu
Material: Cotton canvas
Dimensions: 20.5 × 25 cm | 8 × 10 in.
Origin: Japan